North Precinct Grand Opening – Nov 17th

Nov 5th, 2010

John Arriola, Davidson County Clerk, announces the opening of a North Nashville satellite office, located at 2231 26th Ave. North, Nashville, TN 37208. A grand opening celebration, which is free and open to the public, will take place Wednesday, November 17, 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Housed in the same space at the North Nashville Police Precinct, this satellite location will offer new vehicle registration, vehicle registration renewals, duplicate registrations and title transfers. The main office, currently located at 523 Mainstream Drive, will move to the newly renovated Howard office building at Fulton Campus by the end of 2010.

“The County Clerk’s Office is committed to serving all Davidson County residents with convenient locations and excellent customer service,” said Arriola. “We knew moving the main office would impact those living in North Nashville communities, so it was an easy decision to open the North Precinct location.”

The North Precinct satellite office is open Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Offices Closed Thursday November 11, 2010

Nov 4th, 2010

The Davidson County Clerk’s Offices will be closed Thursday, November 11, 2010 in observance of Veteran’s Day.  We wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Environmentally Friendly Drivers May Get A Break

Jul 31st, 2010

Davidson County residents who drive a hybrid or fuel-efficient car would be allowed to park free at city meters under a proposal from two Metro Council members dubbed “Drive Green, Park Free.”

Council members Jason Holleman and Mike Jameson filed the ordinance Friday, July 23rd, with the Metro Clerk’s office.  Under the proposal, an owner’s vehicle would receive a score on a 1-18 scale based on the Federal Environmental Protection Agency’s green vehicle guidelines. Any vehicle receiving a score of 16 or better, which includes hybrids, biodiesel vehicles and some fuel-efficient compact cars, would qualify for a sticker entitling them to free parking at a city meter.

John Arriola, County Clerk, has compiled the following list of vehicles based on the proposed legislation. According to the EPA criteria there are approximately 35,000 eligible vehicles registered in Davidson County.

Year Make Model Score
2009 VOLKSWAGEN Jetta, 16
2008 VOLKSWAGEN Jetta,, 16
2006 VOLKSWAGEN New,Beetle, 16
2007 VOLKSWAGEN New,Beetle, 16
2008 VOLKSWAGEN New,Beetle, 16
2009 VOLKSWAGEN Rabbit, 16
2008 VOLKSWAGEN Rabbit,, 16
2008 TOYOTA Camry,Hybrid 17
2009 TOYOTA Camry,Hybrid 17
2010 TOYOTA Camry,Hybrid 17
2007 TOYOTA Camry,Hybrid, 17
2008 TOYOTA Highlander,Hybrid 16
2006 TOYOTA Highlander,Hybrid, 16
2007 TOYOTA Highlander,Hybrid, 16
2004 TOYOTA Prius 18
2008 TOYOTA Prius, 18
2009 TOYOTA Prius, 18
2010 TOYOTA Prius, 18
2005 TOYOTA Prius,, 18
2006 TOYOTA Prius,, 18
2007 TOYOTA Prius,, 18
2008 MERCURY Mariner,Hybrid 17
2009 MERCURY Mariner,Hybrid 17
2010 MERCURY Mariner,Hybrid 17
2007 MERCURY Mariner,Hybrid, 16
2010 MERCURY Milan,Hybrid 18
2008 MAZDA Tribute,Hybrid 17
2009 MAZDA Tribute,Hybrid 17
2010 MAZDA Tribute,Hybrid 17
2010 LEXUS HS,250h 17
2006 LEXUS RX,400H, 16
2007 LEXUS RX,400H, 16
2010 LEXUS RX,450h 16
2009 HONDA Accord 16
2005 HONDA Accord,, 16
2006 HONDA Accord,, 16
2007 HONDA Accord,, 17
2008 HONDA Accord,, 16
2010 HONDA Accord,Sedan 16
2008 HONDA Civic,Hybrid 19
2009 HONDA Civic,Hybrid 19
2010 HONDA Civic,Hybrid 19
2005 HONDA Civic,Hybrid, 19
2006 HONDA Civic,Hybrid, 19
2007 HONDA Civic,Hybrid, 19
2010 HONDA Insight, 19
2008 FORD Escape,Hybrid 17
2009 FORD Escape,Hybrid 17
2010 FORD Escape,Hybrid 17
2007 FORD Escape,Hybrid, 16
2008 FORD Focus, 16
2009 FORD Focus, 16
2010 FORD Focus, 16
2006 FORD Focus,, 16
2007 FORD Focus,, 16
2005 FORD Focus,Station,Wagon 16
2010 FORD Fusion,Hybrid 18
2009 AUDI A3, 16
2008 AUDI A3,, 16

To check your vehicles emissions and fuel economy rating on the EPA site click HERE.

The longest amount of time a driver can stay at a meter is three hours. The exact cost of the sticker has not been determined, according to Holleman, who said the price would be less than $5 annually.

Mayor Karl Dean’s environmental advisory panel, the Green Ribbon Committee, recommended the measure in its December 2009 report as a way to improve the city’s air quality.Other cities, such as Albuquerque, NM, and San Antonio TX, have adopted such a policy.  Dean’s spokeswoman, Janel Lacy, said the mayor had not seen the legislation and believed “the most prudent course would be to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of any policy change that impacts city revenue before moving ahead.”

To read the Tennessean’s complete article about this proposed ordinance, click HERE.