Birth Certificates

Short Form Birth Certificates

People born in Tennessee may obtain their short form birth certificate at the County Clerk’s Office for $12.00. The service is only available to those born in Tennessee on January 1, 1949 or after and the request must be made in person.  A copy of the application may be downloaded here.

Short form Birth Certificates from 1950-1975 do not have parents names. If you need to have parents names on the birth certificate (required for passports) please contact the TN Department of Health’s Office of Vital Records.

Birth Certificates may only be issued to the following persons:

  1. Person named on the certificate
  2. Child of the registrant.
  3. Parent of the registrant if the parent is named on the certificate Special Note: Parents who have relinquished their parental rights do not have the legal right to the certificate.
  4. Spouse of the registrant.
  5. Person with legal custody of the registrant
  6. Legal representative of the registrant, spouse, parents, children, or legal gardian.
  7. Anyone who has a signed statement from the registrant or persons who can have a copy of the certificate authorizing issuance (should also present a copy of the authorizing person’s ID)

Identification Requirements, please have one of the following for our office:

  1. Signed and Notarized Application, no ID required.
  2. Actual Mother’s Copy from the past two calendar years when presented by a parent will not require additional identification or notarization statement.
  3. Government Issued ID that shows signature.
  4. For students a recent school ID card
  5. if no ID is available, please have two of the following:
  • Current pay stub of W2
  • Vehicle registration with name and current address
  • Voter Registration card
  • Military Discharge (DD214)
  • Utility bill, bank statement, or deposit slip with name and current address
  • Heath care coverage card
  • Medical record
  • Application page of an insurance policy
  • Signed Social Security Card
  • For those people who have had their ID stolen, a copy of a police report of other official documents which supports the theft is needed.