Intern Program

In the summer of 2013 the County Clerk’s Office launched a 5 week intern program for high school and college-bound students in partnership with the Urban League of Middle Tennessee.  The students worked in the Motor Vehicle Division processing registration renewals, assisting with a physical audit of all inventory and in the mail department.  They also assisted the Business Services and Marriage Divisions.  When asked what they learned from their experience one intern replied, “I didn’t know the Davidson sticker had to be placed on the license plate manually.  I thought it already came that way.”  More importantly, they were reminded that punctuality, team work, and responsibility are vital for success.  They received lots of encouragement to continue their education and do well in all of their endeavors.   We wish them all the best as they head back to school this fall.

L-R William Eggleton, Dontaria Summers, Andrew Butler,

Brenda Wynn (County Clerk), William Jackson, and Darrien Hyde.