Frequently Asked Questions

How do I title and register my vehicle if I just moved from out of state?
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I have purchased a used vehicle. How do I title and register it?
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How do I title and register a new vehicle?
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How do I title and register a vehicle that was given to me?
You will need an affidavit of non dealer transfer (gift affidavit) completed by both parties. In addition to this you will need the title which has been properly assigned to you and any other supporting documents.

How do I title and register a vehicle that was inherited?
In order to register an inherited vehicle when the deceased estate has gone through Probate Court you will need the following documents:

If the deceased estate did not go through Probate Court you will need the following documents:

Can I title and register a vehicle for someone else?
Yes, you can register a vehicle for someone else as long as you have a notarized Power of Attorney (POA).

If selling my vehicle do I remove my plate, or does it go with the buyer?
Plates are not transferable to another person. That plate is registered to you and it should always be removed from the vehicle when sold.

I am selling my vehicle to an individual. How do I transfer the vehicle to the new owner?
You will need to complete the assignment of title by registered owner section on the back of your Tennessee title. There is a place for the signature of seller, printed name of seller, date of sale and the sales price. If the vehicle is less than 10 years old, you will need to record the odometer reading in the green box. The new owner will sign and print their name as buyer. Their printed name and address will go on the long line at the top. This process is not complete until the new owner goes to his/her County Clerk office and applies for his/her new title.

Should I buy a vehicle from an individual when title is not available at time of purchase?
You must submit the previous title in order to title and register the vehicle in your name.

Do off road vehicles need to be titled and registered?
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How do I obtain a replacement title?

Click on how to obtain a duplicate title.

When is a Power of Attorney (POA) required?
If you are processing any type of transaction, with the exception of a renewal, on behalf of another party you will be required to provide a Power of Attorney.

Is proof of insurance required to title and register my vehicle?
Proof of insurance is not required when registering vehicles. Proof of insurance is required to operate vehicles and must be furnished if stopped by law enforcement officers.

Can I title and register or renew my vehicle in Davidson County if I reside in a different county?
You will need to title and register or renew in the county you reside.

Can I renew a vehicle for someone else?
You will be allowed to renew for someone else. If you choose to pay by check, the check must be in the name of the registrant and include their TN driver’s license number.

How may I obtain a duplicate copy of my registration?
You may obtain a copy of your registration at any of our locations. Please have your identification and plate number. The fee for a duplicate registration is $3.00 plus an additional $2 if mailed.

What do I need to do if my decal and/or plate is lost or stolen?
If your decals or plate are lost or stolen you will need to contact the police at 615-862-8600 to file a report and receive a complaint number. Your complaint number is required for replacements. Replacements can be done at any of our locations.

What if I did not receive a renewal notice from the state?
If you did not receive a renewal notice you may use a copy of your title or previous registration.

How do I change my address?
To change your address, click here. You will need your license plate number and the last four digits of your vehicle identification number.

What are acceptable forms of ID?
See “Acceptable Forms of Identification and Residency for Vehicle Title & Registration”

What options are available for payment?
Your options for payment include check, Visa, MasterCard, or cash if paying in person. To pay by check your check must be from a local bank. Your check should include the information of your name, address, driver’s license number and daytime phone number. We do not accept counter checks. The check must be in the name of registrant.

How Can I get a Temporary Tag?
Click on Temporary Operating Permit.

What do I need to apply for a handicap plate or a handicap placard?
Refer to the Application for Disabled Person License Plate, Placard and/or Decal.